The 2019 Schedule

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Friday 21 June, 6.30pm & 8:30pm (Kontiki Bazaar 5-10pm)
Saturday 22 June, 5pm & 7pm 
(Kontiki Bazaar 3-9pm) 

Paddington Town Hall

Tickets: $65 ($35 concession) (+BF)

Food by Simmone Logue Catering. Drinks provided by Batch Brewery. Icecream by Gelatoman, Sweets from Sacre Bleue.


Friday 21st

Kontiki Bazaar 5-10pm
Musical saw workshops with Danica Hobden & Lauren Tsamouras
Musical swap-shop – bring in your old CDs, LPs and sheet music


Gender Equity Panel – Claire Edwardes, Hilary Kleinig, Felicity Wilcox, Damien Ricketson and Nicole Murphy


CONCERT 1 – Ensemble Offspring #1 ‘Raining’

Olivia Davies – Femme (electro-acoustic) 4′
Sungji Hong – Black Arrow (bass clarinet & electronics) 6′
Nicole Lizée – Ribbon Windows A (percussion solo) 5’ WP
Michael Smetanin – Temple (temple block solo) 5′
Karen Tanaka – The Songs of Songs (cello solo & electronics) 8′
Missy Mazzoli – Orizzonte (piano & electronics) 5’
Christopher Fox – Iron Rain (percussion, electric guitar, piano) 13’ WP


CONCERT 2 – Hatched Academy Associate Artist Henry Justo & Friends ‘Creating’

Yannis Kyriakides – Music for Viola 12’
Alice Humphries – Patience (double bell trumpet solo) 8’ WP
Samantha Wolf – Simmer (trio) 8’ WP
Luciano Berio – Naturale (viola, percussion & electronics) 20’

Saturday 22nd

Kontiki Bazaar 3-9pm
Musical saw workshops with Danica Hobden & Lauren Tsamouras
Musical swap-shop – bring in your old CDs, LPs and sheet music
Exotic Instrument Corner featuring Ensemble Offspring’s favourite bespoke instruments.



Offspring Bites 2 Launch


CONCERT 3 – Zephyr Quartet ‘Breathing’

Brendan Woithe – Breath (string quartet & electronics) 11’  WP
Cat Hope – Wall Drawing (string quartet, theremin & electronics) 11’
Lisa Cheney – When We Speak (cello & electronics) 12’
Anna Meredith – Music for Ravens (string quartet) 3’ AP 
Hilary Kleinig – Exquisite Peace (string quartet) 4’ WP
Caroline Shaw – Valencia (string quartet) 6′


CONCERT 4 – Ensemble Offspring #2 ‘Stealing’
Nicole Murphy – Stolen (electric guitar, piano, violin, clarinet, double bass, percussion, conductor) 12’ AP
Kaija Saariaho – Lichtbogen (flute, percussion, harp, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, conductor & electronics) 17’
Fausto Romitelli – Professor Bad Trip Lesson 1 (flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, conductor) 14’ 

WP=World Premiere
AP= Australian Premiere


Claire Edwardes (Artistic Director/percussion)
Roland Peelman (conductor)
Véronique Serret (violin)
Anna McMichael (violin)
Blair Harris (cello)
Ben Ward (double bass)
Rowan Phemister (harp)
Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Zubin Kanga (piano/keyboard)
Joe Fallon (electric guitar)
Zephyr Quartet  (Hilary Kleinig, Jason Thomas, Emily Tulloch, Emma Perkins (Guest))
Brendan Woithe (electronics & theremin)
Ollie Brown (electronics)
Henry Justo (viola) Hatched Academy 2019 Associate Artist
Callum G’Froerer (double bell trumpet)
Niki Johnson (percussion)
Mark Oliviero (electronics)
Michelle St Anne (creative design direction)
David Trumpmanis (sound engineer)
Fausto Brusamolino (lighting designer)